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AUGUST 1-4, 2019, $500
Trip participants, please remember that you need to apply before making your initial payment. Please set up your login as soon as you are accepted to the team (You will receive an email stating you have been accepted).
DONORS & TRAVELERS: Please make sure to select the appropriate participant for your payment in the drop down menu found on the giving page. 


This trip will partner with a local church called Journey Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Pastor and author Kent Muralski. This trip will be centered on outreach and evangelism to the surrounding community. 


Here is a rough schedule of what you might be doing. 

  1. Simple - we like to keep things simple. Most of the time, it won’t be a large event we are trying to pull off. Here are some examples: street evangelism, treasure hunts, inviting people to time of connection at our ministry center, etc

  2. Service - we like to serve people and serve the city in practical ways. Some of the outreaches will involve serving people in practical ways and serving the city. Examples include: handing out waters, engaging with people at a city event via a booth or table, an outreach for kids at the park. That being said, we should always be ready to engage in conversations about God’s love and the gospel.

  3. Supernatural - we believe in the gifts of the Spirit and desire for people to step out and pray for healing, miracles, and supernatural signs and wonders. 


Here are some examples:

  • Feeding, talking, and praying for the poor

  • Street evangelism

  • Treasure hunts

  • Service projects (park cleaning, garbage pick up)

  • Giveaways - water, popsicles, etc…

  • Invite to ministry center for time of connection/relationship

  • Serving the city (police dept, fireman, bagel drop-off, pray), projects they need done, etc.


Here is the short version. In 2005, while  living in Rochester, NY I (Pastor Kent) was praying and saw a mental image of a huge heart, placed over the Boston Area, pumping life in every direction. As a result, me and a few friends decided to take a trip to Boston to see what was stirring in God’s heart. Shortly after arriving, there was a significant stirring in my heart for this place. It was not apparent at that point, but my story would be intertwined with God’s story for Cambridge and Boston. Sensing God was up to something, I traveled to the Cambridge/Boston Area more than 25 times over a four-year period.


A step of faith

Then in September 2008, after a lifetime in Northwest PA and the Southern Tier of NY, the Lord asked our family to leave what was comfortable to step into the unknown. Without knowing what would come next, we put in our resignation with the network of campus ministries we were leading. Then, after several months of prayer and waiting on the Lord, He made it very clear that we were to move our family to Cambridge to plant a life-giving church in the Harvard Square Area.


Though we began services in late 2010, it took us a little while to build the church we dreamt about. On September 28, 2014 we formally launched Journey Church with over 100 people in attendance in order to tell everyone we are a church for our city!

Typical Day

Schedule is an approximation of the trip. Actual schedules will be given to team members closer to departure. 


12pm: Fly in

3pm: Arrive and set up lodging, meet the Pastors, hear their heart 

4pm: Welcome/ Orientation/Devotions/Prayer

5pm: Dinner

6pm Outreach

10pm Debrief/ Prayer

Friday & Saturday 

8am: Breakfast/Devotionals

9am- 12pm: Set up/Prep ministry event, Ministry Outreach

12:30pm: Lunch

2pm-3pm: Rest

4pm-6pm: Street Evangelism/ Treasure Hunt

6:30pm: Dinner

7pm: Debrief and Prayer


8am: Breakfast/Devotionals

9am-12pm: Church Ministry & Fellowship

12:30: Lunch

1-3pm: Pack up and Clean up

3-4pm: Debrief/ Prayer

4pm: Flight Home

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