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Postponed until 2019 $1700
18 and Older
 $100 deposit at time of application​
Trip participants, please remember that you need to apply before making your initial payment. Please set up your login as soon as you are accepted to the team (You will receive an email stating you have been accepted).


This trip will partner with the local Christian Church in Matanzas & Jovellanos, Cuba who had been under extreme oppression between 1959 - mid 1990's. Our contacts there run a pineapple farm to help "house churches" as it became illegal to build new churches after the revolution. During a trip to Cuba you'll serve at the farm, learn about "house churches", learn more about Christianity from a Cuban perspective while visiting Havana and other parts of Cuba.

We will be networking with a short term missions sending organization called Experience Mission. At Experience Mission, they seek to partner with developing communities, build relationships and then provide resources to initiate sustainable change. We are honored at this opportunity to partner with an organization connected to the local Cuban church. 


Last winter, President Obama signaled a new openness toward Cuba by initiating talks with Fidel Castro's regime and his brother Raul, Cuba's president. In early April, we sent CT news editor Jeremy Weber and design director Gary Gnidovic with a translator to Cuba for an in-depth update. As their travel schedule solidified, it became apparent that our reporting duo would arrive in Cuba for Holy Week. Starting with church services on Palm Sunday in Havana, they observed Holy Week and Easter Sunday activities, a perfect time to see the Cuban church at its best.


Beyond the reality that most of its 12 million citizens need Christ, Cuba is one of the world's most influential island nations. Like it or not, Fidel Castro's talk about Cuba's geopolitical reach has not been all bluster. Since 1960, Cuba has had significant political impact on the Americas, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia. The good news is that Cuba's influence is being reshaped—ever so slowly—by a faithful Christian movement that has moved past its season of being defined by persecution. But the global perception has not yet fully caught up with this new grassroots reality. 


It's true that Christians in Cuba are subject to social controls, discrimination, and occasional arrests. But Cuba's new spiritual dynamic includes rapid house-church (casas cultos) growth, evangelistic missions, relief work, and community development.


Excerpt taken from Christianity Today's article, Back to Cuba. Written by Timothy Morgan 7/2009.

Typical Day

Schedule is an approximation of the trip. Actual schedules will be given to team members closer to departure. 

Average Daily Schedule

Day One
Groups Arrive
5:00 - Leader's Meeting
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Orientation Meeting
8:30 - Team Time (a time for your group alone)
10:00 - Lights Out

Day Two
7:15 - Breakfast
7:45 - Devotions and Quiet time
8:30 - Team leaves for church
9:30 - Divide group & distribute between churches to learn about "The Church in Cuba"
12:00 - Lunch
4:30 - Arrive at Housing site
5:00 - Leaders Meeting
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Evening gathering 
10:00 - Lights Out

Day Three - Five
7:15 - Breakfast
7:45 - Devotions and Quiet Time
8:15 - Group Prayer
8:30 - Teams leave for Kids Club/ Work day
12:00 - Lunch
3:30 - Finish Work for the day
4:00 - Break and Clean-up
5:00 - Leaders meeting
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Evening program (as a whole group)
8:30 - Team time
10:00 - Lights Out

Day Six
7:00 - Breakfast
8:00 - Visit La Habana
12:00 - Lunch
5:00 - Leaders meeting
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Evening program (as a whole group)
8:30 - Team time
10:00 - Lights Out

Day Seven
7:15 - Breakfast
8:00 - Cleanup/ Pack
8:30 - Commissioning
9:00 - Pictures and Good-Byes

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